Med Cruise 2016

AMF 1447  A small, and personal, selection of images from Rome on my 2016 Holiday Trevi  Trevi Fountain after recent renovation Mama-Mia  Mama Mia!! AMF 1437  Fountain near the Spanish Steps
AMF 1463  The Swiss Guard AMF 1490  Tired and it is still not 9am !! AMF 1496  Love these horse statues AMF 1497  My dramatisation of the Colesseum
AMF 1436  Unusual shot odf the Spanish Steps with no ome on them. This was the day before they re-opened AMF 1478  Starwell of the Vatican Museum AMF 1499  A metal horse AMF 1454  Fountain
AMF 1519  Colesseum - the interior AMF 1578  Images of Corfu AMF 1578m  Church on the hill AMF 1551  Ye Olde Stove Shop
AMF 1568  I let him lie AMF 1573  Foreboding Clouds AMF 1589  Vespa AMF 1548  View of the old fort
AMF 1594  The fort AMF 1648  Images of Dubrovnik AMF 1648m  The Harbour AMF 1613  Curious Old Lady
AMF 1620  One of many sleepy cats AMF 1607  The Market AMF 1615  Courtyard AMF 1627  Parrots for photos 5 Euro
AMF 1635  Museum AMF 1638  Cloister AMF 1644  Street Scene AMF 1683  Images of Koto in Montenegro
AMF 1683m  View from the top of the hill AMF 1665  Half way up the hill AMF 1694  Square AMF 1812  Definately somewhere to put on your bucket list !!
AMF 1812m  Street Scene AMF 1793  Street Scene AMF 1796  Street Scene AMF 1797  Colourful board
AMF 1800  Street Scene AMF 1803  Street Scene AMF 1810  Pigeons taking a bath AMF 1857  Showing how saturated they make the postcards here LOL
AMF 1967  Images of Venice AMF 1967m  St Marks at dusk AMF 1910  Very foggy arrival !! AMF 2024  Gondola
AMF 2017  Rialto Bridge AMF 1878  Street Scene AMF 1883  Rialto Bridge & Gondolas AMF 1895  Race practice
AMF 1915  Street Scene